Building Verification and Laser Scanning for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Field.

KME Laser Scanning specializes in 3D laser scanning for the design and construction field. We use the latest scanner technology capable of incredible efficiency and accuracy. Our staff is well experienced in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction field and we bring a knowledge of the built environment that adds to the level of detail and accuracy captured in our scans. Our experience, knowledge and commitment combined with our use of the latest in scanning and software technology give KME Laser Scanning the ability to provide our clients with the highest level of service they can expect.

Designs and constructions need to be precise for buildings to be stable. You need accurate scanning and measurements for that, which aren’t easy to get through old-school tools and equipment. At KME Laser Scanning, we have the latest 3D laser scanning tools that help designers and architects get accurate measurements and a good image of the property.

What Are 3D Scanners Used For?

These laser scanners are used for a number of purposes in Las Vegas. They provide a large amount of detailed information on the landscape and buildings, which can be used for everything from planning and designing to construction. Here are some of the more common uses of 3D scanners:

  • Scanning Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Field in Las Vegas
  • Developing 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Land Surveying
  • Facility Information
  • Forensics

Clients can just contact us and speak with our experts to determine if the scanners can help them with their requirements.

Why Choose Us And Our 3D Laser Scanning Technology in Las Vegas?

Accuracy is one of the most important factors to consider when scanning construction landscapes and buildings because getting measurements wrong can have a big impact on the project. You need the latest equipment and skilled technicians to get the best results and we will provide just that. We’re considered one of the best and most reliable 3D laser scanning companies in Las Vegas. Here are some things that make us stand out:

Quick scans

Our advanced 3D scanners are very quick and can easily record several million data points in a minute and upload the information to the cloud. This reduces the scanning time and cost by a considerable margin and causes the least amount of disruption at the construction site. This method is much faster than traditional measuring systems and techniques, which has a positive impact on your bottom line.

Extensive scanning

Our laser scanners can work in darkness and as well as under bright Las Vegas sunlight. The scanner captures detailed data from all exposed areas within its range to provide the maximum amount of information. This also helps reduce the time taken to scan the location, which has a positive impact on the project.

Data can be reused

The scan data is quite accurate and unless the location has undergone significant changes, the information can be reused without any need for scanning again. This reduces the cost of the project and allows clients to get to work without any delays.


Collecting millions of data points allows the system to perform calculations and determine averages from a large data sample. This means the average measurement is much more accurate, which can help with the design and construction process. The system can accurately determine the shape, size, and location of any object or structure on the scanned site with accuracy within 2 to 4mm.

Scanning from a distance

All of our 3D scanners have a long range and can easily scan areas from a safe distance. This comes in handy for high-risk sites like roadways, construction grounds, etc. These scanners can get information from ground level and be placed at a safe location away from the scanned sight. This also reduces the overall disruption.

3D BIM Models

BIM is more sophisticated and detailed compared to regular 3D modeling, though it does rely on the information provided by 3D laser scanners. This model gives designers, architects, and other professionals a more precise idea about a building’s design, structure, and characteristics.

We don’t just provide scanning equipment in Las Vegas, but also great technicians to operate the scanners. This ensures our clients get the most accurate information regarding the site.

If you want to know more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at KME Laser Scanning today at 702-888-2088 or contact us through our online form.