3-D Laser Scanning

Our 3-Dimensional Laser scanning services consist of a 1-2person team and our state of the art laser scanning equipment. Our team will tour the space with our scanner, setting up the scanner in various positions to best allow the scanner to view and document the space. The captured data “the point cloud” can them be utilized for a variety of services. This service can be utilized for both interior and exterior applications.

3-3D Photo
KME Floor Plan

Building Measurement / As-built plans / Field Verification

Using the data collected during the laser scanning process, we can translate that information into highly accurate as-built floor plan. This can be a powerful tool for designers and architects in accurately determining the existing conditions and assist in the design of a new or renovated space or building.

BOMA Floor measurements / Verifying existing rentable areas / Area Analysis

Using our laser scanning equipment. KME Laser scanning can accurately measure any size and complexity of existing space to precisely determine existing square footage calculations to be used to calculate rentable areas.


CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management)

This is a powerful tool for property owners and facilities management. CAFM gives owners and managers quick and accessible information about their building space, employees and assists. This tool can help consolidate unused building space or assist in planning for growth.
Master Plans
Facility Management
Area Calculations