KME Laser Scanning specializes in verifying the conditions of the built environment. We use the latest scanning hardware and software technologies to generate and deliver accurate information, scans, drawings and 3D digital models to our clients. We provide service to a wide range of clients that include: Architects, Engineers, Construction companies, Building Owners, Building Managers, Real Estate Brokers and agents.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff come from Architectural, Engineering and Construction backgrounds and bring with them a commitment and passion to provide the best services to our clients.

KME 3D Laser Scanning is a diversified firm located in the heart of Las Vegas. Our proven capabilities in a wide range of services, has enabled our company to successfully participate in a wide range of project types and project scopes

KME 3D Laser Scanning’s mission is to respond to the needs of our clients by providing Efficient and economical services to help projects move forward in a timely manner. We understand that today’s economy is challenging for all of our clients and we are able to respond with product services that allow for projects to move forward by implementing our wide range of services that include: Building Information Model (BIM) / Building Measurement / As-Built / Field Verification / BOMA Floor Mearsurment / Veifying rentable area / Area Analysis

All of KME 3D Laser Scanning’s work on the active projects is currently being performed by existing in-house staff. Each person on the team has complete responsibility and authority to provide the necessary manpower to provide the highest level of technical excellence in order to facilitate all schedules

We have established a reputation for maintaining honest and meaningful relationships with our clients. These relationships allow for open and honest conversation about real needs and real situations. Our clients have come to understand that our customer relationship with them is as important to the process as the final deliverable we produce. It is because of these reasons that we have a number of repeat clients