BIM models in Las Vegas is more sophisticated and detailed compared to regular 3D modeling, though it does rely on the information provided by 3D laser scanners. This model gives designers, architects, and other professionals a more precise idea about a building’s design, structure, and characteristics. At KME Laser Scanning, we have a team of skilled technicians who can translate all the data provided by the laser scanner to create an accurate BIM model.

Why is BIM better?

Regular 3D models just focus on geometry and the spatial relationships between different aspects of the building. While this can help designers and architects, it doesn’t provide the clear and comprehensive picture that a BIM model does. The latter takes the building’s lifecycle into consideration and includes information like:

  • Types of materials used
  • Amount of materials used
  • The impact of these characteristics on the building

This is essentially a database consisting of all the information needed regarding the building. That can help designers, architects, building owners, and even property managers.

What are the Advantages of Using BIM?

  • BIM allows property owners to determine building efficiency, job costs, and scheduling.
  • The information allows technicians to design a pre-construction model for visualizing what the end result will look like. This allows designers and architects to see any potential problems before starting the design process. This can help save money and time on the project.
  • Technicians can create accurate as-builts based on the information provided by the 3D scanners, which allows people to maintain an accurate blueprint of the property. This can prove to be useful for facility management, renovations and future changes to the property, and troubleshooting.
  • This allows property managers to maintain and operate the property well, which can help cut down the costs in the future.

What Can We Do?

Our sophisticated equipment and trained technicians allow us to provide a wide range of services to our clients. All you need to do is contact our customer care team and discuss the requirements with us. The primary services we handle in Las Vegas include:

  • Development of 3D BIM models – This comes right after the scanning process but the model can be built from older data as well. As long as the older scans are from 3D laser scanners and contain accurate information, the BIM model can be developed easily.
  • Documenting the construction process – This combination of scanning and translating data is used to keep track of the construction process. Our technicians will scan the building in the process of being constructed and provide construction verification. Through this process, the technicians compare the data from current scans to past scans and pictures to determine if the building is compliant with the designs and code. This scanning process can also be used to keep track of the construction and document all the progress.

3D laser scanning ensures all information is accurate so the BIM modeling is accurate as well. We always recommend that our customers take a fresh scan of the property before asking us to translate the information. This ensures the BIM model isn’t flawed due to changes in the property.

Why choose us?

  • Our technicians use the latest in 3D laser scanning technology to get the most accurate data.
  • We use this accurate data to develop detailed 3D BIM models for customers.
  • Our customer care executives offer consistent support for all aspects of the BIM modeling process so clients can contact at any time if they experience problems or need assistance.

If you want to know more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at KME Laser Scanning today at 702-888-2088 or contact us through our online form.